The Anticipated iPad 2

As the one year mark for last year's iPad release gets closer and closer, we all start to wonder what the 2nd generation of iPads have in store for consumers like us. If you have been paying attention to any of the rumors flying around as of late you should know that the iPad 2 will be receiving a camera. Now whether the camera will be identical to the high quality iPhone 4 camera or if Apple will try and cram a few more megapixels into this iWonder that Apple has created.
Now there is no way of telling yet what will happen with the iPad 2 but we should find out some more details when Apple holds their conference at the end of February to announce iOS 4.3 among other things. 4.3 for iPad users means the use of gestures which ties into another topic that may regard the iPad 2 or the iPad 3 only time will tell. A patent was uncovered that shows Apple patenting the idea of a smart bezel which means a buttonless world for all the iPhone, iPod, and iPad users.
But back to what the iPad 2 may have in store for us, it will most definitely feature a front facing camera for perfect video chatting with family and friends. It will also feature a rear camera for taking pictures and most likely HD video. It will be interesting if Apple decides to put 1080P video recording into its tablet. If so the iPad could become the video editors haven, all the iPad would need is a few customizable lenses that you could attach and voila you have you have a DSLR camera and an iPad. That may seem crazy but who knows what the future holds when it comes to new technology and innovation. Apple will most likely be upping the megapixels because they have a much bigger area to cram everything into verse the tiny iPhone (which by the way they are going to be upping the iPhone 5's camera to at least an 8 megapixel or so the rumors go).
We can expect or hope for (whichever suits you better) a retina display to come to our beautiful 9.7 in. display. The processor will be seeing a speed boost and will enhance productivity tremendously. Ah what else is going to be stuffed into this amazing device next. But what I think all consumers would like to see is a price drop even if it is not significant but hey a $100 dollar price drop is a $100 dollar savings and these economic times I think everyone is looking to save. Then a possible memory upgrade but I am not sure how likely a 128 GB iPad is since Apple tends to only double the amount of storage but it would be very nice for all of us music and video connoisseurs. We can count on an April release if Apple sticks with what they have done in past. With that being said we can all sit back and wait until the end of February rolls around and we can see some concrete details about our newest member of the iFamily.
Rumored Features Summed Up
1. Dual Camera's
2. Possible Retina Display
3. Two models: A seven inch and the 9.7 inch
4. A SD Card slot and a USB port
5. Faster processor
6. Thinner design
7. More RAM
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