What You Need to Know Before You Jailbreak iPhone – There is a Solution Out There You want to jailbreak your iPhone 5?

The following important information will save you time money and stress. When jailbreaking iPhone's you must be careful not to go into the fray armed with just a few videos from YouTube. YouTube is full of videos created by young kids who are jailbreaking their iPod or perhaps even on occasion an iPhone. These videos however rarely if ever go into the detail of explaining the configuration of their computer and the condition of the device that they are jailbreaking. This can lead the viewers into a false sense of security and impending disaster - more about this later. When things will inevitably go wrong who can the viewer fall back on to help them? The YouTube video does not answer back and nine times out of ten the creator of the video will not have the skills to understand anything close to what is needed to rectify the problem that their video creates.
Can you really put your trust the experts?
So many people also fall into the trap of buying from an "expert" yes we have all seen them, the people who sell iPhone 5 solutions that will jailbreak all firmware's and who are people who only an hour or two previously purchased unlock instructions themselves and have copied them to sell on. Again these people have no understanding of what they are selling nor can they provide any support when you encounter an issue with your iPhone. Do you really want to risk your valuable piece of technology to save a fraction of the cost of your valuable device?
Remember to appear to be an expert you only have to be one page ahead of the person that is following you.
I have lost count of the number of times I have been contacted by people who have purchased a solution that appeared to be a bargain only to find out that it has screwed up their valuable possession because the "solution" that they purchased was completely incorrect for their needs and the person who sold it to them and who they put their total confidence in and invested their hard earned cash with is unresponsive and has left them high and dry.
The tools are free so why pay?
Let's get one thing clear the tools for jailbreaking iPhones 5 are freely available on the internet. The Dev Team the most famous group involved in jailbreaking the iPhone 5 provide tools for free so why buy the tools when they are free? There are many people who will simply download the files from the Dev-Team and sell them on to people who do not know that they are free - avoid these people at all costs. On the flip side there are people who do genuinely know what they are doing, who provide paid services to help you successfully use these tools and who provide support long after you have parted with your money. If you do not know what you are doing it is very important to find people who help in this way. Why?
The complexities to consider
Things to consider when jailbreaking iPhones you need to know what Computer Operating system you are running, what version of iTunes you have installed, whether the iPhone 5 is currently jailbroken or has been in the past, the tools that were used on the iPhone in the past, also what firmware version is running on the iPhone at this moment in time and finally what state is the iPhone in - is it functioning normally, is it in a recovery mode or is it in DFU mode. All of these factors create multiple permutations that you need to consider when jailbreaking iPhone's. If you do not factor these permutations and use the correct tools for your configuration you will be in trouble.
Solutions can be found
I have found a very helpful team who quietly have been helping people jailbreak their iPhones since the very first iPhone was released, they provide an automated system that warns or inform those who subscribe to the system to take correct action when Apple release a new version of firmware or iTunes. You do not need to be a customer to subscribe to this system and you can also benefit from their free hints and tips as well. The link to their free automated iPhone alert service can be found below.

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