The Jailbreak Toys Barack Obama Action Figure Is the Must Have Home Item

As soon as you see the Jailbreak Toys Barack Obama action figure you notice the caricature's remarkable resemblance to the current American President. The 6" action figure is the perfect present for children aged 3 and over.
Although Obama is not associated or affiliated with Jailbreak Toys; it is hoped that his good nature would see the light hearted humour in the action figure. The Jailbreak Toys Barack Obama figure seems incredibly appropriate; it certainly appeared like Obama possessed superhero like qualities during his election campaign.
The Obama Charisma
Obama gained media recognition as the first potential African American President; however, it was his ability to connect with a troubled and worried nation that gained him global recognition. People who had once given up on the political system and parties were suddenly lining the streets to see the infamous candidate.
Since his candidacy his career has been closely followed by both Americans and citizens across the globe. His new political and philosophical approach seems to be going down well with citizens, if not always the administrators of current systems.
The Obama Action Figure
Schwarzenegger is the action hero turned politician; and Obama is the politician turned action hero. The Jailbreak Toys Barack Obama figure can be purchased in an everyday White House suit, as well as in a limited edition inaugural snazzy gold suit. The Obama action figure is beautiful presented in packaging that boldly states his name; however, the clear viewing panel allows you to see instantly who the action figure is.
The Jailbreak Toys Barack Obama figure can be positioned through 8 different points throughout his body. This enables the President to be moved into a number of humorous positions; as well as being able to stand upright independently.
The Jailbreak Toys Barack figure makes the perfect gift for children and adults, as all generations will get a giggle out of the toy. Kids will love being a part of the war between Transformers and the President of the United States!
Why Buy the Barack Obama Action Figure?
The Jailbreak Toys Barack Obama Figure is ideal for Obama enthusiasts and patriotic American adults. It's also the perfect tool toy to use to introduce your child to the concept of politics and the importance it plays in our society and day to day life.
The Obama figure is an unusual and striking gift; one that is bound to be at the root of many laughing fits. It makes a great party piece too, especially at patriotic parties such as Independence Day. If the toy is meant as a gift for an adult, they may also appreciate one of Obama's books to accompany the toy figure.
As well as the Obama figure, the First Lady also comes in the pint sized hero form. The two toys together are a great gift for any and all Americans. Get a great gift and grab the Jailbreak Toys Barack Obama Action Figure.

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